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3:17 am

Posted on March 24, 2013 at 4:10 AM

I played a bit of Xbox tonight. Wasn't all it sought to be. I got bored really quickly. I'm rusty and online isn't really fun yet. I got some kills though. I had my little kill streaks. I'm good.

I've watched all the blu-ray movies I had, except one: Flight. The disc froze at the display of the rating, for the movie. I was looking forward to another Denzel Washington movie. He's awesome. I was drinking coffee earlier. Speaking of, I have to get coffee filters. Sugar too. 

I doubt I draw tonight. I'm going up to my job to turn these movies in and also put a word in my supervisor's ear, about me coming in and alphabetizing the movies some much. Hopefully, she says yes. That way, it's extra hours and I'm getting a task done. It's a win win.

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