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Posted on June 13, 2019 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Well it truly has been a while. I would've said "it's been a minute" but, that's a slang phrase from Wisconsin! :D Good news though, I get off of probation next month. Technically, I'm currently off of probation but I still need to take care of some paperwork. With that out of the way, i'll be able to focus more on the story. I mean, the true next goal is to save up enough money to leave for college. So, im not totally sure how much time that will give me but, hey.

The story itself its near completion. I'm just getting over this last hump and the into the final story arch. I'm probably going to call into work so I get a full day to work on the story. I just really want to get out of this story arch and into the last. I've tried my best but I leaked a bit of info to my Probation Officer. It wasn't too much information, but there was still information exchanged. It's about a character that isn't too significant in the current story. She becomes more important later on: still pretty unimportant though.

I believe I'll be uploading some images related to the story. With that, I'll need to get the copyright in effect. Either that, or I'll have to start a designer blog that will requre membership, and whatever else I come up with. Since my PO knows this though, I think its unfair to not share with the rest of the world.


In this book, there are: SIRENS, DEMI-GOD(s)/DEMON-GOD(s) and...WITCHES.

Have fun! Synopsis still under construction. Sorry ;)


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Well, everything seems to be going pretty smoothly...except for today. I decided to stop at Starbucks, after visiting my Probation Officer. The not smooth part: I left the small drawing of a town on the world map, at home. I wanted to work on the details a bit and grab influence from the other places on the map. Basically, I'm trying to work on the original map and make it look more to my liking. I can still work on the other cities and towns but, I was planning to work on the specific town I had already begun working on. No use fussing over it.

I'm have issues with my "bank" and my tax refund disbursement.

My job is taking a HUGE chunk of my time away.

I got when I went grocery shopping and have oodles of veggies, meat and noodles!

The story is still looking like it'll be done on time. However, I might have to push back the date for proofreading and an extended editting phase. I noticed as I was writing the other day, that I'm taking more time with the scenes. It's probably because I've reached the final story arch...well am approaching the final story arch. There's a mass murder scene and that's it for arch 3.

No details about the story yet really. I still need to finsih it, of course, and also make a summary/synopsis. That way everyone knows what the story is going to be about. However, there are still some novels, tv shows, I need to finish before completeting my novel. I want to avoid being sued and/also having my story be too similar to some currently released. Im still in the "early-ish" stages of construction. I have my base storyline/plot done and nothing currently released is anywhere near it. Some parts of the story are obviously going to be similar, as there are only so many ideas the human race is cabable of idealizing. Still, nothing is like this. I've began writing it about a year and a half ago.

Be on the look out for the poll. I'm pretty sure I'm going to just start a instagram or facebook page just for the story. That way, I can expose it to more potential viewers but, ultimately, I will be able to do the polls for little to no money. Like I said a little while ago, DeviantART requires a premium membership to post a poll. So yeah, I still need to figure out exactly how I'm going to do this.

So a giant paragraph just go erased because of my stupid touch mouse. I'm going to buy an actual usb mouse soon. Anyway, all story news will continue to be uploaded here. I do have a personal twitter account. It has some news, but it's not as accurate and full as whthat posted here. Thinking about making a membership for this too. Information is getting a little sensitive. Hehehe

Twitter: Pikadnuxroomie


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Not much to add, once again. I planned to get some work done but my job called me in to work. Also, I get a free ride home so I really ain't gonna argue with that. As far as the story, I just feel there isn't enough exposure as of yet. I mean, most of everyone I know knows about the story. They don't know any of the details--so no one has to worry about spoilers--but they do know that its been written. My mother, on the other hand, I've told her some of the scenes and story details. So, just don't ask my mom about the book. You would get way too much information or be disappointed because she'll keep quiet about it. :P I'm well over half way through the first book. I'm pretty happy about how well its going. I just, still, have a hard time staying focused. I just got a few movies and then there's the system on which I play sooooooooo many video games. I think my schedule is: work, play xbox until I get bored or sick of it, then eating, then writing. I'm not extremely motivated. It's not that the book isn't interesting to me, it's just I feel like I'm way ahead of schedule. I know, I should take the extra time to get more done. I'm just enjoying my ending twenties yal! :D

Until next time,


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I have news but, most of it is only mere steps from the updates last month. I know that it seems i'm slacking off. The truth is, I am still surrounded in work. I finally got a decent working copy of Fate Stay Night; although its english dubbed instead of subbed like I was truly looking for. So, that takes up a lot of my really, really idle time. For example, played xbox for an hour, wrote some, washed dishes, made food. Now, this is the time where I would go back into writing, after finishing my food. What happens though, is that I eat and decide to watch Fate while doing so. Then after eating, i just continue to watch Fate. Then, when I take a break from watching Fate, I usually jump back onto Xbox. Its a vicious cycle.

Right now, I had planned to work on my story also. I'm failing though. Its really hard for me to do anything well when I know I have to go to work. I think its because i'm still in pajamas and not ready to walk out the door. If I was dressed for work and ready to walk out the door, i think I could focus better on tasks. Anyway, I got some stuff done in the past few days. I wanna' say I'm near the 75% completion point. So, things seems to be moving along quite well. I planned to have the book done and published by my birthday on December 17th. That way, I can use the last bit of the year to prepare for the following year. i'll be free of supervision so I'll be looking at moving to Europe for college. Although these books are high on my list of priorities.getting a degree and starting a career i will love is at the highest. Writing is something I've always loved and had a passion for. Keep in mind, a man who's trying to learn to build buildings and structures that will house human beings and exist around human beings, I can't put 100% focus on mythical creatures, beasts, and fantasy worlds!

3:19 PM

Posted on February 21, 2019 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Also, I wanted to note that I've been exploring a lot of recipes online. They're mainly Japanese breakfast and dinner recipes. I like my current diet, I've just been needing to add meats and wanted to stray from my self-created SP ramen. It's a very delicious dish but, I want to eat more than just sausage patties. I've always favored chicken but, never had any recipes to make myself. I've gathered a few chicked recipes, pork recipes, and also some recipes for salmon. I'm looking forward to having a very international meal selection. I just bought a bunch of cookware from the local Goodwills. Time to put them to good use!


Posted on February 21, 2019 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Not much to give an update on. I haven't really found time to work on the story at all. I've been busy filing taxes and running errands. When I'm at home, i usually end up falling asleep. Like yesterday, when I made a full cup of coffee, finished it, and fell asleep watching a movie: more than likely Ocean's 13.Still, i do project to have the book finished by December 2019. I haven't been able to start truly promoting since DeviantART requires a COREmembership to add a poll to journal logs. I could opt to put the poll on this. However, this website is really not made for that kind of thing. It's just blogging and my works on this site. Well, i'm trylng to keep it that way. Maybe I can begin promotions on my youtube page. i'm not sure on how successful that will be but, I want to avoid paying out of pocket as much as possible. I plan to get some work started as soon as I get back to house and pay my landlord rent. So, again, hopefully I'll be looking at a finished 3rd ACT for my first book/novel. Stay tuned and hopefully I'll have a poll, and contest, in the works in the very near future!


Posted on February 18, 2019 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello again! :lol:

So, got some kinda good news for you all. Because of my quick projected finish date for the roughs of my first novel, I will begin promotion VERY SOON. The first announcement on that, is that I will be developing a symopsis for BOOK 1. So, if anyone wants to search up information about the upcoming book, there will be a short symopsis to give future readers a glimpse into the world of...I'm not giving you guys spoilers that easy!

Well, I still am very paranoid about the entire project. I constantly feel like people are somehow finding a way to look at my documents. Its very, very frustrating. Because of that, I've decided to just go ahead and buy a desktop. That way, it will be a lot more easy to detect any intrusions. Also, things are looking to be going a lot more swimmingly. I've reached the final stretch of my rewriting. It's crazy. It's like everytime I blog, I'm "almost" done or "half-way" done. Maybe i just coincidently just decide blog when I'm at the midway of completion. *shrugs* I think my latest burst of progress is due to the fact that I've altered my room a bit. I took my food out of a small cabinet I was storing it in. I, instead, put my chemical stuff (dishwashing liquid, bleach, candles, air-freshners, etc) in the cabinet. I plan to put my desktop on top of the cabinet, which I now have in the closet. All in all, there seems to be a lot more space in my room. I get to work out and for the first time, actually fell asleep in my armchair.

Back to business though. After I'm done with this last scene of rewriting, I'll be all clear to write these last 2-3 chapters. The book is written to only contain 5 chapters but, after doing rewriting and studying, I may make the book a TAD bit longer. Its getting bad though. I'm trying to keep everything so lowkey that the small things I have said, at work, are biting me in the butt. I engaged in conversation with a customer and it brought up details about my second book and I was really uncomfortable speaking about it. How am I to know if she isn't a fan from DeviantART that is really desperate for a spoiler?!! Anyway, I just don't think I'm that good at hiding things so I'm definitely going to start working on the synopsis and a cement title for the book.

I'm going to get a poll on DeviantART going. The poll will be on how interested people are in the story and their interest in hearing what exactly the book(s) is going to be about. God! I wish I could just say "Welcome to [THE NAME OF THE WORLD THE BOOKS TAKE PLACE IN]!" But I can't because I don't have the map that I drew next to me right now. And since it would be the first time anyone hears the name of the world, I kinda wanna give you guys a lasting first impression. Not, the wrong name and me editting it to the right name weeks later.

Go to DeviantART and search "orangexclouds" or "Deon Williams" I believe they both will bring you guys to my page. I'm going to start the poll tonight and have it end on St. Patrick's Day. The goal is to get 100+ positive feedbacks about the book. Also, I will do a raffle. The winner will get to read the synopsis 24 hours before I post it on DeviantART and here on So go check it out!

Happy reading!


Posted on January 24, 2019 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, this is my first post of the new year. Not too much has changed. I've got a very small apartment, i have way too many distractions, I'm working, paying bills and trying to complete these novels. It's a tough road but, slowly I'm making progress. I think the majority of the slowness comes from the fact that I have to re-write half of what I've written for Book 1. This is aggrivating but, its not unmanageable. I don't have to re-write all the 4 chapters. Lucky for me, the first chapter--after the prolouge--is completely fine. I might have to tweak it a bit, after re-writing the other chapters. It is really hard to find time though. When I first get home from work, the only thing I'm truly interested in is: food, a smoke and playing xbox 360. After I finish that, i look at my laptop and--wanting to get work done--instead jump on Mobile Legends and get some more kills. After that, I might start on writing, That is, if the mood to play more fighting games on Xbox 360 doesn't strike first. I also have to eat in that time also. Its just a big cluster fuck.

I really want to get a bed that folds into the wall. I was looking at the name of it all day and cant remember. Oh yeah! I think its murpher bed or something like that. That will give me more room in my apartment. I will be able to add a desk also. That will help me VISIBLY see organization. With that, hopefully my mind connects the two and I'll have more success in my endevours. As far as my book progress goes, I'm working on the prolouge. It's pretty much done, I just need to write how the "chapter" ends and then I can move on. So basically, I'm 1/3 of the way done with this temporary slow in work pace. I'm ready to just get to the rest of the story, which is outlined, so I can fly through chapters. I want to atleast have the process of publishing having started by the end of 2019. I'd love to have my book released before I head overseas. That would be SO awesome. That way, the US  can help this struggling college student get through my years hunting for a degree! [lol]

Well, I don't really use only for my laptop when I'm at home. This will probably be my only post for a while. I'm always busy with working and trying to get things done. I have a probation officer I have to deal with, rent to pay, and everything that goes with having a job (busstop waits, traveling to and from busstops, rides on the bus, time at work, time traveling from work). After an average day, i don't have too much interest in going to starbucks or somewhere I can use public wifi and not be distracted by my electronics at home. Wish me good luck! Orangexclouds/Big Chunky reporting to you live from M BASE!


Posted on December 22, 2018 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

All is well. I ended up getting a motel room after visiting the beach, stepping in the icy cold water, and noticing my feet didn't look too healthy. So I figured I need to have a good day of soaking in hot water and relaxation. I finised the 5th segment for Book 2! Which is awesome because it was about a character that I really dislike. I don't what in the world posessed me to make a character like this one. Anyway, now that I have gotten that out the way, I can really sit down and hammer some of the other work out. This day in the motel will help out A LOT. I managed to find sheet covers, after searching my job, another location of the store I work at, and finally found them at Walgreen's. They help. I had some binders, but all the paper covers and envelopes I had gotten didn't have holes in them. So, it was still so unorganized I opted not to start using them too much. Now, I have my notes(brainstorming) and the actual story material seperated by which novel they associate with. I'm happy I can go to mcdonalds and buy coffee in like just 3-4 hours or so. Anyway, look out world!



Posted on December 21, 2018 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

So, turns out that my manager at work happens to be an author. So yeah, I'm going to start leaving my work materials at my parents' house. I just done with being paranoid about all these peepers bro. Its nice to have everything I need at my fingertips but, until my probatioin officer tells me that he's found housing, I'm just going to have to carry bits and pieces.

Book Status

Well, I'm still shakily working on the first novel. I've been mostly busy writing the second novel. The 5 segment is just such a daunting task. I basically thought it would be such a good idea to write an entire segment in 1st person. Turns out though, the character that the segment follows isn't my favorite--by far. Anyway, I'm closing to the end of it though. I've been so busy with the segments surrounding the 5th. It kinda made piecing pieces of the story together easier. Regardless, I'm at the very last bit of it and I'm happy. I will no longer have to focus my efforts all on this character that I TRULY despise.

Live Game Streaming

So, I've made some improvements. I have a water bottle that kind of makes my streams look a lot more...legit I guess? Anyway, i have yet to stream on YouTube since getting it. Regardless, I'll try to make my channel i dont know, better. Its just theres a lot that I'm trying to do right now: a lot that I have to do right now. Its just, nothing is really set in stone at the moment. As far as what I'm sure of, I'm definitely going to keep getting this story fleshed out. Yes, there are days when I'm just too caught up with having a good time or I really need sleep, or I have to work all day. I'm sure that the novel(s) will get done. Hopefully, before I move to Europe/Asia. That way, I can still say it's a US production. But, if I keep having all these lurking eyes and people being sketchy as fuck, I'm just gonna say it for overseas. I really just need my own house just to write, like I read this woman had done in a book.

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So there's a good amout of news. I'm currently working on the novels still. However, because of recent things I've noticed, I just need to reiterate that this is MY story that I am writing. I first began the construction during my incarceration of 3-4 months. I still don't have a full title for the series. I just know the general titles for the individual books themselves. I'm going to look up when the copyright/trademark process takes place. I believe it's when the entire story is complete but I don't know for sure. Its just where I reside, there is always weird ass people staring over my shoulder or trying to find a seat behind me when I'm writing. Its even worse when I have to go to sleep and I want to work on the story a bit before going to sleep. I have resorted to shoving my notebooks into my underwear when I go to sleep. Regardless of copyright/trademark, my dna and fingerprint(penis print) are on those pages. Try to get passed that.

Also, I've decided to try to work on the story only when I'm outside of the residence place. While in the residence, I'll just brainstorm and nothing else. Call me paranoid but I don't really care. I just hate people trying to get over on someone else's hard work. I don't care if they've seen a sentence or two and think its interesting and want to read what they're able to. I just don't care fam. If you want ANYTHING from me, you will ask and that's that.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I got a happy birthday wish from one of my biggest crushes (if not THE biggest). Her name is IInjinka Ushijima(may have spelled her first name wrong, but not trying to go search right now SMH). Anyway, she was streaming live this morning, like she usually does. I had posted a video yesterday saying that my birthday wishes are:

1. Kylie Jenner makes a post on DECEMBER 17th, 2018

2. Miley Cyrus makes a post on DECEMBER 17th, 2018

3. Ushijima-san gives me a shoutout for my birthday.

1 down, 2 to go :D :D

Laters yo!